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08 March 2012 @ 12:07 pm
Cdr. Freya Shepard - Reaper War Journal  
Personal log of Commander Freya Shepard - Service no. 5923-AC-2826 - Normandy SR-2

Entry #1 (entry #47 of personal log prior to Reaper invasion)

Finally got a chance to watch some TV this morning. After all my complaining, it was hardly worth it – same old crap from 3 years ago, at least on the stations the Alliance allows. Might ask if I can have my vids from the Normandy brought in – at least I’d have something to make the time pass quicker. Starting to get real sick of this room, and I don’t envy the cleaners.

Wonder if that kid will be playing out there this morning. Ever since he got that toy fighter, he’s done nothing else.

Entry #2

Well shit. Somehow, ‘I told you so’ doesn’t cut it. The Reapers are here. I don’t have any time to explain everything, but we barely got off the planet alive. I can’t believe they asked me for a plan. All this time I thought they were secretly preparing, and they’d done fuck all. Anderson stayed back to coordinate our forces, but I can’t see what good they can do. We’re on our way to Mars right now – apparently Liara’s there. Normally I’d be going through my repertoire of smutty pick-up lines, but even I have limits.

The kid didn’t make it.

Entry #3

Now why did I have a feeling Cerberus weren’t done? They were all over the Mars Archives, but we got what we went for. Even had a lovely chat with the Illusive Man – I don’t need to tell you how that went.

Ashley took a beating down there, so we’re on our way to the Citadel to get help. She’s still nowhere near my good books, but like hell I’m letting her die before I get an apology out of her.

Whatever this weapon is – if it even is a weapon – it’s hardly a backyard project. Now we have to worry about recruiting and coordinating scientists, as well as soldiers. But Liara’s convinced it’s our only hope, so that’s good enough for me. Despite everything, having her back makes it feel like a weight’s been lifted.

I feel awful for saying so, but it almost feels like the old days. Liara’s on the ship, we have an Alliance crew, receiving orders from Admiral Hackett – all that stuff. Now all we need is a rogue turian Spectre.

Entry #4

Seeing Ash in that hospital bed made me feel like the galaxy's biggest jerk. I've been acting like a child this whole time - holding a grudge for something I'm finding it harder and harder to blame her for. Sure, I hate that she didn't trust me, but she nearly died helping me on Mars - and yet all I wanted to do was hear an apology. I really need to get my head straight.

I'm gonna talk to Liara about it - maybe she'll help me get things together. Right now I feel like a complete bitch. Gonna try to get some sleep.

Entry #5

Well the sleep idea didn't go well. Thankfully Liara turned up to distract me. Finally had a chance to tour the ship, too. It's weird seeing everything the same but different. But either way, it's nice to be back. We're on a way to Eden Prime right now. Liara's gonna have a field day.

Entry #6

Went through my wardrobe. What the ever-loving crap is a leather dress and pair of heels doing in here? Either way, Liara says I should drag out the dress blues – she thinks people need a leader to look up to, and I need to look the part. Honestly I’d rather stick with what I’m wearing right now, but I can see her point.

And did she leave the room when I changed? Did she fuck. I’m starting to think I’ve been a bad influence on her.

Entry #7

Well, Eden Prime was.....interesting. Do real live protheans count as relics? Because we got one. Javik seems like a bit of a hardcase, but there's something kinda cool about him being a normal guy. Liara always spoke about the protheans like they're magical creatures - seeing him makes them seem a lot more real.

And naturally Cerberus showed - killed the entire research team there. And I kept seeing these signs for something called 'Sanctuary' - no idea what it is, but the promise of a safe place where the Reapers can't get you seems kinda fishy to me. Don't quite know why, but James agreed with me. We'll see.

In any case, there's a prothean on the Normandy, and Liara gave me quite possibly the biggest kiss ever when we got back. I should discover extinct species more often.

Entry #8

Ended up sparring with James down in the hold. Think I took him a little of guard, but that happens with most guys when we go against each other hand-to-hand. Put him in his place about his little 'shuttle trick' on Mars. Oh, and now I'm 'Lola' apparently. I let it slide, but I hope he didn't get the wrong impression - I'm so used to everyone knowing I don't swing that way that I sometimes forget that people can assume things. Hope I didn't get his hopes up.

Entry #9

Just got back from Menae. Seeing Palaven burning in the sky was awful, and I imagine Earth is worse. Still, we got what we went in for and even got Garrus back. Between him and Liara, this is definitely like old times. With Victus safe, we need to worry about the krogan now. This is going to be interesting.

Entry #10

Got an e-mail from Ash and decided to swing by the Citadel. I think it's safe to say we've buried the hatchet for good. She's sorry she didn't trust me, I'm sorry I wasn't ready to accept her appology. With the Reapers all over the galaxy now, the last thing we need to do is fight each other. Not sure what to make of her becoming a Spectre, but I guess she'd be good for the job. Can't wait to get her back on the Normandy.

Saw Thane as well. Honestly? It was pretty gut-wrenching. I can't help but admire him for being so at peace with his death, especially after he's lived such an exciting life. I hope he lives long enough to see us blow those metal bastards to hell - just another thing to add to my list of things to fight for.

Entry #11

On our way to Grissom Academy. Can't be certain, but it sounds like Cerberus is up to something again. Can't believe they're dragging students into this pointless scheme of theirs. Still, with Garrus and Liara with me in combat now, this should be relatively straightforward.

Entry #12

Jack is a teacher.

Just......what the flying fuck happened to reality and how to I get back to it?

In all seriousness, she seems to have done just as much good for those kids as they've done for her. Glad to see she's making something of her life. Getting pretty worried by Cerberus showing up again - they seem to be exclusively targeting human facilities. It seems they're trying to get more people - especially biotics - to use in whatever twisted experiment they're going with this week.

Just got a message from Miranda - but I haven't dared read it yet. Jack's still on board too - we're dropping them off a the Citadel before they join the Alliance forces. I haven't got a clue what happened between those two while I was on Earth, but Jack didn't mention Miranda once.

Entry #13

There's always something to see on the Citadel. One minute you're heading to meet an old friend, the next you're helping a salarian Spectre and Kasumi Goto take down a hanar. Funny old galaxy, isn't it?

Either way, I'm worried about Miranda's sister. It seems everything Cerberus had a hand in is coming back to bite us, and at the worst possible time. She says she'll contact me when she knows more.

As for her and Jack - hooooh boy am I glad I wasn't there when they met again. I'm pretty sure Miranda was sporting a black eye that she'd tried to cover up. I'd be worried if it weren't for the barely concealed marks on her neck. Looks like whatever they had during the Collector mission is still live and kicking.....or punching, or whatever.

Rick AtkinsRick Atkins on March 10th, 2012 04:32 pm (UTC)
Reaper War Journal
I got to hand it to you. You've made both Freya and to a lesser extent Mikealea (I hope I spelt it right) more than just VG characters. Your Formspring page for Freya inspired me to make my Shepards more than VG characters.

FAB good sir.

P.S. And maybe because Li's the SB, she's become more bolder than when Frey first battered her eyes at the naive asari in ME.